The Haunted Brick Factory in Van Meter, Iowa

A haunted location: Brick Factory in Van Meter, Iowa.

Details: This Factory was burned down twice in the early 1900’s and never rebuilt.

If you get there at certain times of the year you can hear bricks being thrown around.


The Haunted Fischer Building in Dubuque, Iowa

A haunted location: Fischer Building in Dubuque, Iowa.

Details: The Fischer Building was originally 8 stories tall, built in downtown Dubuque in the mid 19th century, about 50 years before the “first” skyscraper was built in Chicago.? With a steel addition to the top of the building, it is now 9 stories tall with another smaller building on top.

There are two reported “hauntings” in the Fischer Building.


The Haunted Polk in Des Moines, Iowa

A haunted location: Polk in Des Moines, Iowa.

Details: Merle Hay Mall Tower – Merle Hay Mall, and a building in the mall known as the Merle Hay Tower, is built over the site of a Monastery that was closed in the 1950’s.

Rumor has it that on occasion a nun would become pregnant, with the pregnancy resulting in mis-carriage.

These babies were buried in unmarked graves on the Monastery grounds, where the mall stands today.


The Haunted Riverside Cemetery in Riverside, Iowa

A haunted location: Riverside Cemetery in Riverside, Iowa.

Details: Apparently when driving by the Riverside cemetery it’s been said on certain nights and will start seeing eyes vaguely glowing, this turns into a crowd of eyes, most likely the residents of the cemetery.

Seeing the number of sets of eyes staring shows the significance of how many apparitions are there.


The Haunted Clarke College in Dubuque, Iowa

A haunted location: Clarke College in Dubuque, Iowa.

Details: Mary Frances Hall – Mary Frances Hall on the Clarke Campus was built in 1924.

The top floor of the dormitory and the chapel is said to be haunted by the ghost of the school’s founder Mary Frances Clarke.

Students have accounted for unexplained footsteps in the hallway, the feeling of being watched and a shrouded figure near the chapel.


The Haunted Carlos O’Kellys in Marion, Iowa

A haunted location: Carlos O’Kellys in Marion, Iowa.

Details: Many odd things occur including unplugged blenders going off, flickering lights, and plates falling off of racks for no apparent reason.


The Haunted House in Buckeye, Iowa

A haunted location: House in Buckeye, Iowa.

Details: There is a house and this only happens at night.

This house is really old almost 100 years.

At night, in upstairs the floorboards creek as if someone was walking up them one after another.

The door in one of the rooms open on its own, but it jams shut.


The Haunted Cavalry Cemetery in Sioux City, Iowa

A haunted location: Cavalry Cemetery in Sioux City, Iowa.

Details: Many visitors report two things after walking through the grounds: Their ears ring persistently, and they feel the sensation of fingertips or cobwebs drifting over their face.

Some report that both sensations get stronger as they approach a gravestone with a tree growing out of it- half of the tree is dead, half of it still produces green leaves every year.

– June 2008 Correction: The Headstone with the tree is wrong.


The Haunted South End Park in Wapello, Iowa

A haunted location: South End Park in Wapello, Iowa.

Details: Certain nights (none in particular) you can here people chanting and fire crackling and sometimes you see this certain owl (the same one every time) and if you spot it, it will stare right back at you and cry it’s horrible cry.

At this moment if you look at the moon it has two circles around it, and that is the haunting of south end park.


The Haunted Lutheran Holmes/ Lutheran Drive in Muscatine, Iowa

A haunted location: Lutheran Holmes/ Lutheran Drive in Muscatine, Iowa.

Details: Lutheran Holmes now a nursing home use to be an orphanage.

There is said to be old tunnels underneath the building but have never been seen.

Workers say that on the seven hundred in one of the room every time a new patient comes to that room they soon die.

Also the six hundred hall call lights will come on and nobody is in that room.

Residents say they see children running at night and asked the staff to ask them to be quiet.