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  • Jane Louis

    Meet Jane Louis, the lead content creator at Scary HQ, a haunted places blog that delves into the eerie and unexplained. Jane is a true crime enthusiast and an avid lover of all things spooky. She has a keen interest in the macabre and an unquenchable thirst for uncovering the secrets of the haunted world around us. But don't let her dark interests fool you, Jane is a sweet and empathetic individual with a heart of gold. She's a natural storyteller, who uses her platform to share her passion for true crime and the paranormal with her audience. In her free time, Jane can be found exploring abandoned buildings, investigating local ghost stories and watching her favorite horror movies. She's also a member of a ghost hunting group and has a particular interest in researching the history and folklore of haunted places. Her love for the eerie and unknown is matched only by her love for her audience, and she pours her heart and soul into every post on Scary HQ. Join Jane on her journey as she uncovers the secrets of the haunted world around us and shares with you the stories that will make your hair stand on end.

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