Witch House in Belleville, Kansas

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The Haunted Hanging Tree in Liverpool, Pennsylvania

A haunted location: Hanging Tree in Liverpool, Pennsylvania.

Details: There is a rumor that in the 1800s a man was hung at this tree, he proclaimed that he was innocent and nobody believed him, so they hung him and to this day people say that if you go to the tree at midnight that you can hear peoples laughing, crying ,and you can hear the man yelling.


The Haunted Pittsfield in Lenax, Massachusetts

A haunted location: Pittsfield in Lenax, Massachusetts.

Details: High Point was built in 1910.

Reports of hearing voices, lights turning on and off in the bathroom, see apparitions of people looking out the windows, feelings of being touched, and cold spots.

– September 2005 Warning / Update: the Old High Point mansion has been converted into a Residential Treatment Facility for teenage boys.

The facility is now owned by Hillcrest Educational Centers.

South Carolina

The Haunted South Carolina School For The Deaf And Blind in Spartanburg, South Carolina

A haunted location: South Carolina School For The Deaf And Blind in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Details: Haunted by the ghost of Martha Walker.

Walker was the tough, stoic woman who took over running the school for a few years during the Civil War.

Her ghost is said to still roam the halls of the school’s historic main building checking rooms to make sure the students are o.k.

Students, Faculty, Alumni and even the schools current female President all say they have experienced Martha’s presence.

New York

The Haunted Webbers WaySide Inn in Elbridge, New York

A haunted location: Webbers WaySide Inn in Elbridge, New York.

Details: formerly known as Webbers Wayside Inn.

The story goes, that many years ago a traveler from out of town was staying at this specific inn, on the second or third floor.

The man had a heart attack and died one evening, his spirit never leaving the hotel again.


The Haunted Franklin Castle in Cleveland, Ohio

A haunted location: Franklin Castle in Cleveland, Ohio.

Details: A haunted castle located in downtown Cleveland has said to be haunted by a ghost that roams the hallways at night.

Reporters who toured the house reported cold rooms and heard a child crying from the carriage house and heard music coming from the third floor ballroom.

The family that lived there reportedly said that their child’s toys were missing and they would find clothing from the early 1900s.


The Haunted The Montrose House in Montrose, Pennsylvania

A haunted location: The Montrose House in Montrose, Pennsylvania.

Details: The site of the Inn has a long history.

The original Inn was used as the first jail, as a funeral home before there was a funeral home in town and as a school room.

The original building burned to the ground in the mid 1920’s.

When the new building was about 90 percent completed it burned to the ground again.

The building that stands on the site now, was completed around 1926.