The Haunted Super 8 Motel in Macomb, Illinois

A haunted location: Super 8 Motel in Macomb, Illinois.

Details: If you spend the night at the haunted motel, you will find lights turning on and off, the heat turning off by itself, and the door to your room will open up by itself, and if thats not bad enough…

if you open your blinds, not even 20 feet away from your room window very creepy grave yard.

– March 2008 Additional Information: A former 2nd shift front desk clerk from March 1992 – August 1993 experienced several things.


The Haunted Ursuline Academy in Springfield, Illinois

A haunted location: Ursuline Academy in Springfield, Illinois.

Details: 5th Street Building – A nun died in the building and there have been sightings of door knobs turning and cold chills, and a sense of being followed and even touched by someone and them not being there.


The Haunted Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois

A haunted location: Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois.

Details: Recruit training command AKA boot camp for the navy is haunted my many spirits.

In ship 12 you can hear a woman’s scream loudly and fade within seconds.

In ship 13, you sometimes will see a figure of a recruit who hung himself.

In ship 15, which was once reported as a mental loony bin that caught on fire killing many people.

Throughout the night, you will see figures and shadows walking around.


The Haunted Messenger Woods Forest Preserve in New Lenox, Illinois

A haunted location: Messenger Woods Forest Preserve in New Lenox, Illinois.

Details: Strange, uneasy feelings occur to people as they drive pass this place.

Some even say they’ve heard screams and have seen unexplainable shadow-like objects pass in front of their vehicles as they have drove by.


The Haunted Bloods Point Road in Cherry Valley, Illinois

A haunted location: Bloods Point Road in Cherry Valley, Illinois.

Details: There is a bridge down this road with a train track running under it.

At one time, a school bus full of children ran off the bridge, causing everyone to die.

If you put your car in neutral in the middle of the bridge, you will be guided to safety on the other side.

There is also a traffic light that keeps moving, never staying in the same place.


The Haunted Peoria Central High School in Peoria, Illinois

A haunted location: Peoria Central High School in Peoria, Illinois.

Details: A former principal, Max Mills, who died suddenly of a heart attack, has been seen walking the halls of the school.  He was a distinguished man always dressed in  a suit, white shirt, and tie.  He is presumed to be still keeping watch over the school.


The Haunted Tunnel Hill in New Athens, Illinois

A haunted location: Tunnel Hill in New Athens, Illinois.

Details: Kids party at this area and sometimes when your sitting all by yourself you hear growling and feel something rub up against your leg.

Sometimes around midnight you can see a silhouette of a dog.

It is now called the crazy tunnel dog.


The Haunted Blackhawk in Rockford, Illinois

A haunted location: Blackhawk in Rockford, Illinois.

Details: it is said that in this house down the road a black man was shot in the basement and now the people that live in that house have seen a black shadow wander around their house during the night.