The Haunted Lincoln College in Lincoln, Illinois

A haunted location: Lincoln College in Lincoln, Illinois.

Details: Olin Sang – the oldest dorm on campus there is a ghost that likes to pull pranks.

It shuts doors and turns on TV’s when no one is in the rooms.

It unplugged one girls computer speakers and plugged them back in the wrong hole.

This ghost has not tried to hurt anyone it just likes to play pranks.


The Haunted Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Olney, Illinois

A haunted location: Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Olney, Illinois.

Details: An old church stands at the front of the cemetery.

This church is said to be haunted.

When the front door is knocked on sounds are heard within the church, sometimes choirs, footsteps and strange lights.

On some nights funeral sessions are seen at the church.

Although no funerals have taken place there since the 50’s.


The Haunted Railroad Tracks in Tolono, Illinois

A haunted location: Railroad Tracks in Tolono, Illinois.

Details: screams and white blurs of light heard and seen.

Every other week the “ghost train” comes at 1:59 am and leaves at 2:01.

Some times (I’ve seen this once) people wander down to THE TRACKS and a week later you would see missing signs up.


The Haunted Keeblerrd Mansion in Collinsville, Illinois

A haunted location: Keeblerrd Mansion in Collinsville, Illinois.

Details: walking slaves, eerie sounds – This old mansion used to stand on the curved Keebler rd.

It had at one time a stage like place in the basement with leg irons still in the concrete walls where they used to auction off slaves.

At night when you would drive by the house, you could see like candles moving from window to window.


The Haunted Sheraton Gateway Suites Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois

A haunted location: Sheraton Gateway Suites Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois.

Details: The hotel is an atrium style hotel with 11 floors, and several people have killed themselves jumping off the balcony.

There have also been drug overdose deaths in two of the rooms and in the parking lot.

Guests have reported that they have seen figures moving through their room at night, hearing strange noises that cannot be the neighbors because all the rooms are soundproof since the hotel is across from the O’Hare airport.


The Haunted Greenwood Cemetery in Decatur, Illinois

A haunted location: Greenwood Cemetery in Decatur, Illinois.

Details: Arguably the most haunted cemetery in central Illinois.

Greenwood is home to “the Greenwood Bride” who can be frequently seen and heard weeping.

, The Civil War section is filled with Confederate prisoners who died from yellow fever.

Their bodies were buried in unmarked graves.

Many say that these soldiers still walk the hills of Greenwood Cemetery and will even confront you.


The Haunted First Murder House in Mundelein, Illinois

A haunted location: First Murder House in Mundelein, Illinois.

Details: the first murder in Mundelein took place in this house.

A wife was having an affair and the man she was having an affair with shot her husband in the front hall of their house.

The family that lives there now has reported strange happenings.

Every so often they will see a white figure moving/floating at a very high speed through out the house.

Unexplained objects moving and noises have also occurred.


The Haunted St. Ann School in Chicago, Illinois

A haunted location: St. Ann School in Chicago, Illinois.

Details: IN 1964 there were to people going down the schools elevator and when they were going down the elevator stopped and got stuck they were in there for over 2 hours then it finally started to move again but, it just snapped and collapsed the two people died and now they say if you go down in the elevator you can feel the presence of the two ghosts a sudden rush of cold air and stuff like that….


The Haunted Morris Community High School in Morris, Illinois

A haunted location: Morris Community High School in Morris, Illinois.

Details: IS located above coal mines, and students have spent the night their to investigate.

They heard voices in the hallway and they believe that it is a librarian or someone of that sort.

IN the boiler room voices are heard and the door classes behind you.

No students are allowed after dark.