Witch House in Belleville, Kansas

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The Haunted Henrion Gymnasium in Wichita, Kansas

A haunted location: Henrion Gymnasium in Wichita, Kansas.

Details: Now housing the Sculpture/Ceramics departments.

It has been said that it is haunted by an old maintenance worker who was accidentally electrocuted in the 1950’s.

The story goes that this worker stood up and came into contact with a live wire without his hardhat on, and was killed.

Stories have it that it is him that is sometimes seen late at night or in the wee hours of the morning.


The Haunted Jackson Park in Atchison, Kansas

A haunted location: Jackson Park in Atchison, Kansas.

Details: It is said that on the stroke of midnight the terrifying screams of “Molly” can be heard.

Molly was a beautiful young woman out with her date after prom.

The next day Molly was found dead, hanging by her neck in one of the park trees down in the hallow of the park, her clothes torn.

Some believe that her date got to excited and killed her when she refused to go all the way with him.


The Haunted Stanley in Overland Park, Kansas

A haunted location: Stanley in Overland Park, Kansas.

Details: Old Stanley Hotel – Old gentlemen that resided in the hotel who suffered from schizophrenia frequently saw a woman in a white dress floating over his armoire and when he would reach out to her she would disappear.

Since years have passed several unexplained incidents have occurred i.e.; The 3rd floor of the old hotel caught fire on July 4th, 1983 and during the fire some say they saw the devil in the flames.


The Haunted Topeka Country Club in Topeka, Kansas

A haunted location: Topeka Country Club in Topeka, Kansas.

Details: Apparitions have been seen and heard.

Employees and security are all afraid to go upstairs alone.

Sometimes if you go out late at night alone the lights will be on and loud music playing though no one is there and all was quiet earlier.

The building is alarmed so it is impossible for someone to go in and play a joke.

Very creepy when you are alone at night.


The Haunted The Purple Masque Theater in Manhattan, Kansas

A haunted location: The Purple Masque Theater in Manhattan, Kansas.

Details: on the k-state campus is haunted by several ghosts.

nick a football player killed in a tragic accident rearranges chairs and makes loud bangings.

Another ghost is that of a confederate soldier that sits in a phantom chair atop the stage.


The Haunted Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas

A haunted location: Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas.

Details: Bell Tower – From the bell tower of the church people often will feel someone watching them while walking past the building.

The building has a basement that has a section that has been sealed off, for reasons unknown.

Most feel that whatever is behind those sealed off walls can explain the spirit that haunts Hiawatha Hall.


The Haunted Auchenba in Hartner, Kansas

A haunted location: Auchenba in Hartner, Kansas.

Details: it is very very haunted.

In the 1st floor men’s room it is always 15 to 20 degrees cooler the rest of the building and you feel as if you are being watched.

In the basement there is the old morgue and you can see bloody footprints on the floor, walls and ceiling.

On the 3rd floor you will here a toilet flush with no one in the bathroom and the elevator runs up and down on it’s own.

You can also see the ghost of Charlie Auchenba.