The Haunted Lemon’s Park in Pratt, Kansas

A haunted location: Lemon’s Park in Pratt, Kansas.

Details: a man parked his car on the south end of the park and committed suicide, several kids were involved in a fatal car accident on the same end of the park, and satanic worship goes on in the woods on the south end of the park.


The Haunted Columbian Theater in Wamego, Kansas

A haunted location: Columbian Theater in Wamego, Kansas.

Details: Reports of lights turning on and off in the basement, and on the main theater floor, props mysteriously move from place to place sounds of moaning and climbing of stairs in utter silence.

One report says the fire alarm mysteriously went off with no one around, the doors locked, and the lights turned off for the night, very disturbing to passers by, tunnels found in the basement lead to a mansion in town that lead also to the oldĀ morgue.


The Haunted Jail Cell in Ellis, Kansas

A haunted location: Jail Cell in Ellis, Kansas.

Details: In the bottom of the Railroad Museum there is an old jail cell, (used for storage.) It is said that during the flood of 58 there was still someone locked up in the cell.

He drowned and died, and up to this day you can noises and see figures walk past the windows.


The Haunted Wilburs Grocery in Towanda, Kansas

A haunted location: Wilburs Grocery in Towanda, Kansas.

Details: It is said that this grocery used to be an orphanage and also a home for wayward woman.

Truckers used to sleep in the basement of the building.

This is one of the oldest buildings in Towanda.

Many of the women that worked at the grocery have said to see potato chips, grocery carts moving on their own, the smell of fresh coffee, and cold air coming from no where.


The Haunted North Topeka Moose Lodge in Topeka, Kansas

A haunted location: North Topeka Moose Lodge in Topeka, Kansas.

Details: Three spirits have tied themselves to this building-the most famous being a police officer shot by a burglar he surprised on the roof, the other two are women inexplicably tied to an armchair in the ladies’ room and loveseat in the hall at the lodge.Ā  it has been reported that a custodian cleaning the ladies room there set a trashbag on the armchair, only to see it immediately fly across the room.


The Haunted Ellis High School in Ellis, Kansas

A haunted location: Ellis High School in Ellis, Kansas.

Details: Lockers slamming, The toilet in the girls bathroom flushes by itself all of the time, accompanied by chills.


The Haunted Ellinwood in Manhattan, Kansas

A haunted location: Ellinwood in Manhattan, Kansas.

Details: Wolf House – Many weird sightings have taken place here.

Like Men in top hats appearing with canes and dishes being thrown from the wall.

Voices being heard, like conversations between a families.

And also it was once an early whorehouse in which it was to be said that one of the women was killed there.

Than many years later them man who lived there who was the town doctor committed suicide, and died a very slow and painful death.


The Haunted The Backtrail in Park City, Kansas

A haunted location: The Backtrail in Park City, Kansas.

Details: One of the ghost was murdered back in these woods several years ago.

It was by her husband who had caught her in a deep love affair.

Little did he now that she was pregnant.

Now her soul can’t rest.

So she takes it out on the kids who travel this trail.

The second tale of a different ghost is a strange one.

Jacob was riding his bike down the trail.

This trail is a pretty easy to ride on except for one spot.

We know it as deadman’s curve.


The Haunted The Broadview Hotel In Old Town in Wichita, Kansas

A haunted location: The Broadview Hotel In Old Town in Wichita, Kansas.

Details: Reports of lights flickering on and off only in the rooms not in the hallway.

Within seconds of leaving a room furniture would be rearranged.

The doors while they shake violently only to find no one on the other side.