The Haunted Franklin Castle in Cleveland, Ohio

A haunted location: Franklin Castle in Cleveland, Ohio.

Details: A haunted castle located in downtown Cleveland has said to be haunted by a ghost that roams the hallways at night.

Reporters who toured the house reported cold rooms and heard a child crying from the carriage house and heard music coming from the third floor ballroom.

The family that lived there reportedly said that their child’s toys were missing and they would find clothing from the early 1900s.


The Haunted Coopermill Manor in Zanesville, Ohio

A haunted location: Coopermill Manor in Zanesville, Ohio.

Details: Used to be a Military base, Now Low income housing is haunted, If your outside late at night you can see a solider now and then.


The Haunted Newark High School in Newark, Ohio

A haunted location: Newark High School in Newark, Ohio.

Details: B Building – There was this janitor accidentally hung himself and on the night he was known to die you can hear footsteps and him whistling his favorite tune.


The Haunted Rogues Hollow in Akron, Ohio

A haunted location: Rogues Hollow in Akron, Ohio.

Details: Cry Baby Bridge – Same Bridge as above/different story – There is a little bridge near a vacant house called Cry Baby Bridge.

Legend states that in the early 1900’s, there was a supposed witch that was impregnated by a married man.

The towns’ people decided to take the baby away from her, and she would have none of this.

Rather than her child be taken, the woman threw it off the bridge.


The Haunted Portsmouth in Scioto, Ohio

A haunted location: Portsmouth in Scioto, Ohio.

Details: Dry Run pond Creek Road – A small child with brown hair in a pony tail has been seen, pacing up and down the pond creek hill, and running into the woodsy area when a car comes by.

Legend has it she died in the house by the hill many years ago due to a fire.

You can hear her laughing and playing at night.


The Haunted Crybaby Bridge in Troy, Ohio

A haunted location: Crybaby Bridge in Troy, Ohio.

Details: To the east of Troy, where LeFevre Road crosses Lost Creek, before you get to North Children’s Home Road, is Crybaby Bridge.

Late at night, a baby can be heard crying beneath the bridge.

Legend has it that in the 1930’s a couple were crossing the bridge and had an automobile accident.

Their baby was ejected from the car and never found.

It cries for it’s parents.


The Haunted Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio

A haunted location: Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio.

Details: Fine Art Center – Green Room – where the girls have encounters while in the room alone.

Cold spots, a figure appearing in the mirror, the door opening and closing when everyone else was on stage.

And papers move on their own with no breeze.


Ridge lawn avenue nork Ohio is haunted

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The Haunted Green Eyes Cemetery in Shelby, Ohio

A haunted location: Green Eyes Cemetery in Shelby, Ohio.

Details: Green eyes is known as green eyes because back in the 1940’s there was a hospital.

Not just any hospital, it is known as St.

Pauls Psychiatric Reformed Cemetery.

The hospital was burned down by a group of vandals.

If you go near the cemetery, a huge dog will chase your car, and green eyes will appear in the gravesite, except when you get closer the dog stops and the eyes stop and you can hear people screaming for there lives.


The Haunted Old Salem Cemetery in Morristown, Ohio

A haunted location: Old Salem Cemetery in Morristown, Ohio.

Details: Supposedly People were hung from the old oak in the Cemetery.

The old oak still stands, and supposedly holds the souls of those hung there.