The Haunted Carousel Gardens in Seymour, Connecticut

A haunted location: Carousel Gardens in Seymour, Connecticut.

Details: haunted by a woman who used to live there.

It was a mansion converted into a restaurant in the mid 60’s.

Now the story is, that she lived there with her brother for many years, but they rarely spoke, and they say, for this reason, she haunts this place.


The Haunted Wooster St. in Bethel, Connecticut

A haunted location: Wooster St. in Bethel, Connecticut.

Details: In a boarding house on the Danbury end of the street, there is a room where one man committed suicide and another overdosed on heroin.

Former residents of the room report hearing screams in the night and the illusion that the walls are melting.


The Haunted Main Street Graveyard in Watertown, Connecticut

A haunted location: Main Street Graveyard in Watertown, Connecticut.

Details: On the corner of French and Main street in Watertown there’s a graveyard that has been reported haunted.

At night you can see small orbs of light, low to the ground floating around.

If you record with a tape recorder, and play it back you hear little girls crying and telling you to leave.

And you hear doctors talking.

And it has even been reported to have an old solider with a dirty torn war uniform on that follows you as you walk by.


The Haunted Lamentation Mountain in Berlin, Connecticut

A haunted location: Lamentation Mountain in Berlin, Connecticut.

Details: At the summit of Lamentation Mountain along the Mattabesset Trail there are reports that a woman can be heard sobbing if it is quiet.

The sobbing can be heard even when there is no wind.

There is a legend that a woman killed herself by jumping off the cliffs and still haunts the area.


The Haunted Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut

A haunted location: Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Details: PepsiCo Theatre – Theatre Faculty and students will attest to haunting by Minerva Farrell–who was apparently a costume designer whose spirit frequently seems to visit.

I’ve been alone in the PepsiCo, and have heard voices.


The Haunted Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut

A haunted location: Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut.

Details: Haunted by the ghost of a young woman known by locals as the “White Lady” no one knows of her past yet.

Firemen and Police Officers have seen her on different occasions.

It’s one of the most haunted places in the country.

Another haunting is “Redeyes” is also a well-known haunt.

As the stories go, a man was walking along a road next to union cemetery when he noticed a pair of red eyes staring at him through the darkness.


The Haunted Holy Land in Waterbury, Connecticut

A haunted location: Holy Land in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Details: In February, 1985, many witnesses observed a ghostly woman enter a phantom car about five feet above the front gate and drive away and disappear.

This story could be backed up by a newspaper article, which was written the next day.

There were no other known ghostly happenings since this incident.


The Haunted Hack Settlement in Bara, Connecticut

A haunted location: Hack Settlement in Bara, Connecticut.

Details: Pomfret – The ruins of the settlement that later grew into Pomfret, along with the old cemetery used by the small settlement, hide in the CT woods but hold many surprises for those who take the time to find them.

Reports include human voices, animal sounds, children’s’ laughter, sightings of a baby reclining in the branches of a tree, and orbs of light.


The Haunted Captain Grant’s Inn in Preston, Connecticut

A haunted location: Captain Grant’s Inn in Preston, Connecticut.

Details: Captain Grant’s Inn is thought to be haunted.

Apparently at one time before it was an inn, two sisters who did not get along lived there, and after they died, they did not leave.

The New London Day newspaper ran an article on this in 2006.