The Haunted Pittsfield in Lenax, Massachusetts

A haunted location: Pittsfield in Lenax, Massachusetts.

Details: High Point was built in 1910.

Reports of hearing voices, lights turning on and off in the bathroom, see apparitions of people looking out the windows, feelings of being touched, and cold spots.

– September 2005 Warning / Update: the Old High Point mansion has been converted into a Residential Treatment Facility for teenage boys.

The facility is now owned by Hillcrest Educational Centers.


The Haunted Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts

A haunted location: Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Details: Martha Wilson House – On the first floor, unexplained footsteps have been heard pacing back and forth, doors slamming shut all at once, and windows open when nobody is there.

Sessions House Served as a passage in the Underground Railroad.

Started as old farmhouse, known to be haunted before becoming part of the college.


The Haunted The Nip in Bridgewater, Massachusetts

A haunted location: The Nip in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Details: Stories say an old man was fishing and his boat drowned.

If you go to the nip on some nights and down that street, you will see the man fishing in his boat.


The Haunted Bridgewater State College in Bridgewater, Massachusetts

A haunted location: Bridgewater State College in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Details: Campus Centre Auditorium – A ghost named ‘George’ haunts the auditorium attached to the campus center.

Not a malignant spirit yet will play with the stage lights and any instruments in the orchestra pit, as well as playing with lights in any back hallways in the area of the stage.


The Haunted The Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts

A haunted location: The Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts.

Details: The elevator is believed to be haunted.

The 6th floor is haunted as well.

There was a double murder over a lover’s quarrel.

Could spots have been felt as well as chandeliers swaying with no sound.


The Haunted West End House Boys And Girls Club in Allston, Massachusetts

A haunted location: West End House Boys And Girls Club in Allston, Massachusetts.

Details: Originally Built in the 1930’s it was primarily a Jewish club for older men to come and exercise.

Ghosts of these elder men still exercise with the teens from today.

Unknown splashes and bubbles in the pool, showers in the locker room turning on by themselves and lockers opening and closing by themselves.


The Haunted Rutland Heights Hospital in Rutland, Massachusetts

A haunted location: Rutland Heights Hospital in Rutland, Massachusetts.

Details: noises heard in halls.

areas in hallway where there are unexplained “cold spots” employees that fell to there death off the water tower at Rutland Heights.

The 88 acres was closed in 1991, leaving 17 buildings (which are full of asbestos and lead paint).

Last time the submitter ventured here was on Halloween, they report human feces on the stairs (each of about 10 steps had a pile of human feces on it.


The Haunted Pope John XXIII High School in Everett, Massachusetts

A haunted location: Pope John XXIII High School in Everett, Massachusetts.

Details: The back elevator at Pope John is certainly very creepy.

The fifth floor, which is a small convent, is off limits to students and I have only been up there once in my three years here.

While no nun’s have been murdered up there several have died.

If you get on the back elevator by your self, it will some times take you up to the fifth floor and the doors will open, staying like that for a short time.


The Haunted Framingham State College in Framingham, Massachusetts

A haunted location: Framingham State College in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Details: Peirce Hall – A resident assistant was the only person staying in her dorm before early students moved in.

When she woke up in the morning, several mirrors from the dorm rooms were placed outside of the rooms leaned up against the walls.

Lights go on in rooms that no one lives in.