The Haunted Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles, California

A haunted location: Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles, California.

Details: The school’s print shop believed to be haunted by the ghost of its first print shop teacher who worked there for over 40 years.

Students have felt someone looking over their shoulder as they worked developing film in the darkroom.

Witnesses have seen a man out of the corner of their eye, standing outside the darkroom near the film drying area.


The Haunted Monticito Grave Yard in Loma Linda, California

A haunted location: Monticito Grave Yard in Loma Linda, California.

Details: Witnesses report a ghost dressed in white at 2:00 am and don’t look at the gate but you will hear something behind you like a voice.

But if you turn back at the gate it disappears and at Halloween you see a fog at night.


The Haunted Hwy 152 (blood Alley) in Gilroy, California

A haunted location: Hwy 152 (blood Alley) in Gilroy, California.

Details: There have been numerous sightings of a woman searching for her child, hearing the sound of a stage coach and the snorting and breathing of horses, and a rumor that a woman was killed by a truck driver and she appears in the passenger seat of the truck, screams” and then vanishes.


The Haunted Dry Creek Running Trial in Modesto, California

A haunted location: Dry Creek Running Trial in Modesto, California.

Details: Joggers have claimed to see the figure of an Indian man when running near this creek.

Some say that the spirit of the Indian is watching over the joggers who run the trail.

Others believe he is protecting the sacred land.

There is also the spirit of a young man who haunts the bridge on Clause Road.

It was reported that he jumped off the bridge into the shallow creek and died.


The Haunted Gorman School in Gorman, California

A haunted location: Gorman School in Gorman, California.

Details: Rumors that a little girl had died on the land some time ago.

When they built the school, they built the cafeteria over where she was buried.

The exact spot where she was buried, it is said that the cement never dried and is always wet.

She also has fun with the kids and teachers there.

Sometimes she has been seen running around the school.


The Haunted DWP, Valley Generating Station in Sun Valley, California

A haunted location: DWP, Valley Generating Station in Sun Valley, California.

Details: The old power plant was de-commissioned as of 2004.

But when it was operational there had been numerous sightings of a figure on the second deck of the old power plant.

Station Operators, at night, have seen a person wandering by one of the electrical rooms; when followed they disappear into walls or through locked doors.

Also, on the second and lower decks, a feeling of being watched or a person behind, when do one else is around.


The Haunted Eagle Saloon / Clayton Club in Clayton, California

A haunted location: Eagle Saloon / Clayton Club in Clayton, California.

Details: The Eagle Saloon (now the Clayton Club) was a Building that was brought up river from San Francisco to the town of Clayton back in the 1860’s at that time this was one of the 5 saloons in the Town of Clayton and it was one of the places that holds the most history of hauntings in Clayton.

Things have been know to move about, cold spots, glasses moving, and the lights to go on and off on there own.