The Haunted Lorimer Park in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

A haunted location: Lorimer Park in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Details: Many apparitions have been seen here, especially in the winter months.

There is stone pyramid set deep in the woods that is said to glow red on certain nights.

There was once a mansions set on the property that burned down in the late 1800s and every now and then you can hear screams coming from the part of the park and smell an intense smoke.


The Haunted Eastern University in St. David’s, Pennsylvania

A haunted location: Eastern University in St. David’s, Pennsylvania.

Details: Walton Hall – A girl hung herself is Walton Hall’s 4th floor in the 1970’s.

Its still completely closed up to this day.

There are Occasionally lights and notice from up there.


The Haunted Chestnut Street School in Kane, Pennsylvania

A haunted location: Chestnut Street School in Kane, Pennsylvania.

Details: a janitor was killed in the basement by a student in the 1950-1960 some times the elevator goes by it self and you have to use a key to run it it is warm every were except were he was killed in the basement.


The Haunted Old Turkey Hill Inn in Bloomsberg, Pennsylvania

A haunted location: Old Turkey Hill Inn in Bloomsberg, Pennsylvania.

Details: In the early 80’s, my family rented this beautiful old home.

We were told that the owners mother died in the upstair room right off the stairs.

You can still smell her perfume and hear her walking at night.

In the guest house, the front enclosed porch, the rocking chair would rock and the room was airtight.

The attic door would never stay close, so my father would wedge a knife in the top of the door.


The Haunted Pitcairn in Monroeville, Pennsylvania

A haunted location: Pitcairn in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.

Details: Frick House – Apparitions of Mrs Frick and you see the funeral of her children in the parlor, kids playing in the children’s play house, and people in the vehicles as well.


The Haunted Old State Road in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania

A haunted location: Old State Road in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania.

Details: There is to be a house that is haunted there that a old guy was hung there by construction workers when they went to redo the house.

The rope the used is to be still there in the attic.

It is said that there is a piano in the house that at times start to play on its own as you walk by the house.

It is said that a lady that used to live there was possessed by the ghost of the old man .- June 2008 Update: The house has been torn down.


The Haunted Mountain Springs Hotel in Ephrata, Pennsylvania

A haunted location: Mountain Springs Hotel in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

Details: built somewhere around 1850 as a hydropathic retreat because of the medicinal qualities of the pure springs from the mountain.

It later became the Ephrata Hospital, The hospital closed there when the new hospital was built in 1949.

It was a famous resort where people came from all over the country.


The Haunted Lawrence Towers in Edinboro, Pennsylvania

A haunted location: Lawrence Towers in Edinboro, Pennsylvania.

Details: On the 5th floor of Lawrence Towers A, it is rumored that a college student (music major) who lived in room 517 hung herself.

It is said she was depressed.

Rumor has it that the floor was closed down for a few years being “renovated.” You can hear a soft voice singing some nights.

You may also feel a strong presence when walking through the halls at night – almost as if you want to run back into your room.


The Haunted Gudgeonville Bridge in Girard, Pennsylvania

A haunted location: Gudgeonville Bridge in Girard, Pennsylvania.

Details: About forty years ago a little girl fell off the cliff next to the bridge and her ghost are now seen there.

The man named Gudgen, which the place was named after, supposedly beat his mule to death because it refused to cross the bridge, you can hear the hooves and bays on certain nights.


The Haunted Eastern York High School in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania

A haunted location: Eastern York High School in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania.

Details: Students at the school claim to see shadowy figures and doors slamming on their own.

There were also reports of seeing orbs and other strange lights.

Also earlier this year a student found ectoplasm on a gym locker.

Their have been other stories about the school that date back to after the civil war.

There have also been lots of horrible acts there from the students and teachers.