The Haunted Old Mil Dam in Terre Haute, Indiana

A haunted location: Old Mil Dam in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Details: Use to be part of the Under Ground railroad.

It is very haunted at night.

Certain nights stuff happens, a report of a small girl stands near the creek.

They used to have the Underground Tunnels open but they are closed now.

If you are in Terre Haute and go to Old Mil be careful.

You might get a surprise.


The Haunted N. Michigan / Dreamworld in South Bend, Indiana

A haunted location: N. Michigan / Dreamworld in South Bend, Indiana.

Details: It is said that a lady walking her dog down the train tracks that used to run by this location was hit and killed by a train.

it has been told to this day even though the tracks are not there you can see premonitions of her and her dog.

on some nights it is told you can even hear her calling her dog looking for it.


The Haunted Fire Station in Old Oaklandon, Indiana

A haunted location: Fire Station in Old Oaklandon, Indiana.

Details: At unpredicted times of the day and night, strange and mysterious things occur at this station.

Shadows have been seen and bay doors have been known to open on their own.


The Haunted Haunted Bridge in North Vernon, Indiana

A haunted location: Haunted Bridge in North Vernon, Indiana.

Details: Back in the 1960’s, a teenaged girl could not accept the teasing and taunting of the students at Jennings County High School.  One evening around midnight, she jumped from one of the local bridges killing herself.  Though her body was found, to this day people driving across the bridge at around midnight have reported seeing a young girl jump from the bridge, though after searching no bodies are ever found.


The Haunted North Webster Elementary in North Webster, Indiana

A haunted location: North Webster Elementary in North Webster, Indiana.

Details: Some say a young boy wearing khakis and a blue sweater roams the athletic areas playing sports and shutting off the lights.

When someone goes to turn the lights on the light switch is already on.

There is also a teacher in high heels on the second floor.

People say that they can hear high heel shoes clicking on the floor.

Random appliances in the school turn on and off by themselves.


The Haunted Cinderella’s Grave in New Mount Pleasant, Indiana

A haunted location: Cinderella’s Grave in New Mount Pleasant, Indiana.

Details: Behind the jay county conservation club down a short lane in the woods is a cemetery dating back to the early to late 1800’s.

In this cemetery is a gravestone marked Cinderella this is supposed to be the name of the boy buried there.

Go in at night and when you count the headstones one way there are 13.

When you go and count them back the opposite way there are only 11.


The Haunted Shiloh in Logansport, Indiana

A haunted location: Shiloh in Logansport, Indiana.

Details: at midnight you can hear the headless horsemen.

Then your suppose to go around the church 3 times and then if you look down at the basement window your suppose to see a girl staring up at you.

It is said that a semi will chase you then it will disappear.

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