The Haunted Moody’s Light in Rennsalaer, Indiana

A haunted location: Moody’s Light in Rennsalaer, Indiana.

Details: Way aut in the farm fields a man is said to carry a lantern up and down the road that his family lived on.

The light, it changes shape, size, and color throughout the night.


The Haunted Brooks Bridge in Shoals, Indiana

A haunted location: Brooks Bridge in Shoals, Indiana.

Details: there was a girl about 17 who threw herself off the bridge.

A couple day’s later they found her dead body.

Often on the 5th of every month you can here her screams as she throws herself off the bridge.

Then a splash then silence.

Many say that if u go down to the bridge after you hear the screams and u catch her before she jumps than she will chase you and yell at you for distracting her.


The Haunted House Of Blue Lights in Indianapolis, Indiana

A haunted location: House Of Blue Lights in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Details: haunted by the young wife of the first owner.

When you go by the house at night you can see blue lights flickering on and off on the grounds and in the tower window.

According to legend the man couldn’t stand the thought of burying his lovely young wife so had a special glass coffin built and placed in the tower.

He would go visit his wife every night.

The tower was lit by soft blue lights, her favorite color.


The Haunted Tippecanoe Place Restaurant in South Bend, Indiana

A haunted location: Tippecanoe Place Restaurant in South Bend, Indiana.

Details: This is the mansion home of Clement Studebaker, one of the original brothers who was of the Studebaker dynasty.

It has been many things since being inhabited, a home for deaf children and now a fancy restaurant.

There was a fire in the nurserey in the early 1900’s and a nanny and child were severely burned, and Mr.


The Haunted Bulldog Bridge in Princeton, Indiana

A haunted location: Bulldog Bridge in Princeton, Indiana.

Details: This is an old bridge located on back roads heading east out of Princeton, the bridge has been host to many suicides, the favorite way was hanging.

A man was also found there dead in his car, doors locked, windows up.

This was in the middle of the summer when temperatures reached well into the upper 90’s.

When they found him he was already decomposing.


The Haunted Screaming Bridge in Carmel, Indiana

A haunted location: Screaming Bridge in Carmel, Indiana.

Details: It is said to be haunted by several spirits, if you go out on the bridge at midnight you can hear a woman screaming.

It is no longer accessible.

They blocked off the road because of too much traffic and violence at the bridge.

– March 2008 Update: Sources say the bridge is no longer there.


The Haunted Hanover College in Hanover, Indiana

A haunted location: Hanover College in Hanover, Indiana.

Details: Donner Residence Hall – The east wing of Donner Residence Hall.

Moved objects attributed to a former student who committed suicide in one of the rooms.