The Haunted Cumberland College in Williamsburg, Kentucky

A haunted location: Cumberland College in Williamsburg, Kentucky.

Details: Gillespie (Johnson) Hall – CC is a small school…everyone knows everyone else (1700 students).

The freshman girls dorm has had several incidences on the third floor where they see a girl who does not live there.

Sometimes the girl is crying and sometimes she just stares.

Other times she is there and disappears.

Doors close and open, TV’s and stereos come on and off, radios and computers turn on.


The Haunted Brown Street Educational School in Vine Grove, Kentucky

A haunted location: Brown Street Educational School in Vine Grove, Kentucky.

Details: In the downstairs bathroom there was a boy desperate and tired of being picked on.

He untied his shoestrings and hung himself in the 2nd stall from the door.

If you go to the school around 9pm when no one is there you would notice his favorite classroom light on up stairs.

And after night school don’t stay around the school for to long cause by personal experience you will see the front door close and feel someone standing right next to you.


The Haunted Tunnel Ridge in Slade, Kentucky

A haunted location: Tunnel Ridge in Slade, Kentucky.

Details: As the story goes, about 5 years ago a man from Ohio was up in the mountains of the Red River Gorge enjoying the beauty and scenery of the mountains.

As an inexperienced rock climber, he decided to take his chances anyway and go climbing for the day.

For the most part, he had a pretty good day–until he decided to climb down to the tunnel (otherwise known as the Nada Tunnel).


The Haunted Whitney M. Young Job Corps Center in Simpsonville, Kentucky

A haunted location: Whitney M. Young Job Corps Center in Simpsonville, Kentucky.

Details: The old dormitory that is now being used as warehouse is haunted by a teenage girl who committed suicide in her room after being raped.

Her boyfriend also committed suicide in the hallway.

He hung himself and she slit her wrists.


The Haunted Corner Store in Pleasant Ridge, Kentucky

A haunted location: Corner Store in Pleasant Ridge, Kentucky.

Details: hauntings dating back to the 1950s, if your there at around nine o clock at night to round three in the morning you can see people inside loading things onto the shelves, ask anyone in the area they’ll tell you.


The Haunted Pineville Independent Schools in Pineville, Kentucky

A haunted location: Pineville Independent Schools in Pineville, Kentucky.

Details: Many believe the girls bathroom is haunted by a girl named Connie.

The lights will flicker; the water will turn on by its self.

Toilets will flush by them selves.

She will walk to your style and open the door.

She will scream and yell.


The Haunted Hazard in Perry County, Kentucky

A haunted location: Hazard in Perry County, Kentucky.

Details: After Hours Treatment Center – is the old clinic in Hazard that was used in the 1970’s.

three floors, many doctors use, or used this building for offices.

One of the workers report things move, and lights go out.

Foot steps heard also.

the workers think it may be Doctor Williams who died some time a go.

Its the sight of his former office.


The Haunted Paducah Middle School in Paducah, Kentucky

A haunted location: Paducah Middle School in Paducah, Kentucky.

Details: There have been reports of 4 gangsters roaming the halls and firing blanks at students.

at night the janitors have reported smoke and the smell of marijuana coming out of the boys locker room.

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