The Haunted Death Valley in Cave City, Kentucky

A haunted location: Death Valley in Cave City, Kentucky.

Details: This is a strait stretch of I-65 that runs between Cave City and Glasgow.

It isn’t lined with trees or anything.

Several fatal car accidents have happened here.

It is said that this piece of I-65 was build over an Indian burial ground, and it is thought that this is what is causing the wrecks.


The Haunted The Old Callihan House in Olive Hill, Kentucky

A haunted location: The Old Callihan House in Olive Hill, Kentucky.

Details: Clark Hill – In the late 1960’s, there was said to be paranormal activity to take place there, such as plates flying into the air, chairs moving by themselves, etc.

Eventually, the Callihans had a paranormal investigator to come into the house, which came upon the conclusion that the paranormal activity was caused by one of the children having been going through adolescence, or possible demon possession.


The Haunted Tunnel Ridge in Slade, Kentucky

A haunted location: Tunnel Ridge in Slade, Kentucky.

Details: As the story goes, about 5 years ago a man from Ohio was up in the mountains of the Red River Gorge enjoying the beauty and scenery of the mountains.

As an inexperienced rock climber, he decided to take his chances anyway and go climbing for the day.

For the most part, he had a pretty good day–until he decided to climb down to the tunnel (otherwise known as the Nada Tunnel).


The Haunted Gillespie Hall in Williamsburg, Kentucky

A haunted location: Gillespie Hall in Williamsburg, Kentucky.

Details: In a room on the first floor that was numbered 13 has since been painted over that number and replaced with number 19.

Things will be moved out of its place, you can hear a girl singing very quietly which seems to be opera, you can hear a violin being played, keys being placed on a desk, pushing on the bottom of the bed, a mysterious foot print on carpeted floor which seems to be wet will not go a way.


The Haunted George Edelen Home Place in Bradfordsville, Kentucky

A haunted location: George Edelen Home Place in Bradfordsville, Kentucky.

Details: The house was moved from Old Lick Creek after a family died of cholera in the 1800’s.

The house had figurines that swayed more than 45 degrees off their setting, sounds of walking throughout the house, a three pound knocking was heard every night for 30 minutes beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Sounds of clearing the throat from someone who was not there.

Sounds of mirrors falling and crashing and no evidence of such happenings.


The Haunted Paducah Middle School in Paducah, Kentucky

A haunted location: Paducah Middle School in Paducah, Kentucky.

Details: There have been reports of 4 gangsters roaming the halls and firing blanks at students.

at night the janitors have reported smoke and the smell of marijuana coming out of the boys locker room.


The Haunted Webbville in Lawrence, Kentucky

A haunted location: Webbville in Lawrence, Kentucky.

Details: Diamond Ridge – Irish Creek – For years many of the local people have reported a noise in the woods.

If you walk down a particular stretch of the road you can hear something walking with you.

A very religious lady, not from the area, said it is the devil himself.

She says he walks the ridge.

This area has a unusual amount of murders and suicides reported in and near it.


The Haunted The Covered Bridge in Paris, Kentucky

A haunted location: The Covered Bridge in Paris, Kentucky.

Details: Located on Colville Road.

Haunted by young girl who was killed in a wreck with her boyfriend.

They were coming home from prom and were going to stop at the bridge.

You can set in the middle of the bridge and watch headlights come up behind you, but no car and then you see lights under the bridge as if a car has fallen in the water.


The Haunted Bone Lick Park in Florence, Kentucky

A haunted location: Bone Lick Park in Florence, Kentucky.

Details: you can drive down the road in which it is located on and experience phenomenal things.

Things such as whispers, undeclared figures, and unknown noises.

This is supposedly happened to a numerous amount of people.

Like the spirit is looking for help.

THE BONE LICK PARK is a place in which is Indian related.

The are buffalo and such in the park.


The Haunted Eastern Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky

A haunted location: Eastern Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky.

Details: his cemetery has graves dating back to the eighteenth century.

It is now in horrible condition.

It is said that some of the dead haunt it, angry that the cemetery is in such bad shape.

There is supposedly a ghost of a woman that takes care of the babies, who have their own section in the back.