The Haunted Apartment Complex in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

A haunted location: Apartment Complex in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Details: Formerly listed as The old Cape Girardeau hospital on Morgan Oak street – It was briefly used as a dorm by the University, but the number and quality of the hauntings was so spectacular that it was soon closed for that purpose.

– March 2008 Update: It has since been torn down for apartment buildings.

No activity has been reported.


The Haunted Clever in Christian, Missouri

A haunted location: Clever in Christian, Missouri.

Details: Break Neck Hill – On this steep dirt road near the Christian County/Stone County Line, a headless horseman can be seen riding a specter horse.

Sometimes the sound of a horse’s hooves can be heard.

More than one rider has been killed on that hill over the years.


The Haunted Valley Mines in Farmington, Missouri

A haunted location: Valley Mines in Farmington, Missouri.

Details: Go to Valley Mines and take a left on the very first road on your left.

Possibly a gravel road, and it’s hard to see.

Awhile down, there is a sign on your right that says Valley Mines tours.

Go during the day, and you can get a tour.

Such things have happened as we stepped into the house that had all open doors, and it immediately turned 30 degrees colder when we got inside.

Also, a gh`st woman on the top floor will pull hair and such.


The Haunted University Of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri

A haunted location: University Of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri.

Details: North Ellis – first floor, north end of the hall, feelings of being watched, One witnesses alarm clock fell off the dresser and skidded into the far wall, and another time it flew from the dresser shattering, they also say they witnessed an apparition appear in the mirror.


The Haunted Old City Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri

A haunted location: Old City Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri.

Details: Has been closed since the 1985.

Reports of people in the non-boarded windows.

Reports of screams nearby.

Feelings of being watched.WARNING – No Trespassing – The building is being renovated into codos the name will be The Georgian Condominiums.


The Haunted Lake Concord in Plattsburg, Missouri

A haunted location: Lake Concord in Plattsburg, Missouri.

Details: Every once in a while, the ghost of Lake Concord haunts the area.

Long ago a boy drowned in the lake, and not discovered until the early 1950’s.

People have said that  they can here a little boy screaming and yelling for help.

He did this because no one was around when he was walking on the frozen lake.

He fell in and never came back up.

So if you live near Lake Concord, you will soon here him.


The Haunted Kaw River in Kansas City, Missouri

A haunted location: Kaw River in Kansas City, Missouri.

Details: On a rainy night there is a headless woman that walks the river bank.

It is said she was in a covered wagon that turned over and rolled down the hill and she was decapitated.


The Haunted Belleview School in Belleview, Missouri

A haunted location: Belleview School in Belleview, Missouri.

Details: In the 80’s a child that was in Kindergarten fell off the swing set and was killed.  It is said that on a day when the wind is calm, the swing will swing by itself.  Also, the playful child runs the halls, as you can hear him at night.