The Haunted Rose Hill in St. Louis, Missouri

A haunted location: Rose Hill in St. Louis, Missouri.

Details: A long time ago a girl name Rose was driving along when here car stalled out going up a hill.

The car rolled back to the bottom of the hill.

After trying to restart the car she got out to look under the hood.

That was when she was grabbed by a man and murdered by her car.

Now people say that if you go to where she was killed you should dust the trunk of your car with flour and place a rose on the trunk.


The Haunted St. Joeseph’s Foods in St. Joseph, Missouri

A haunted location: St. Joeseph’s Foods in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Details: at night some of the guards have said to see the door of the guard shack open and the sound of footsteps as if someone was coming in the guard shack, one guard said he was doing his rounds and saw someone walking outback by the back fence, sounds come from the basement when no one is in the building.


The Haunted Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri

A haunted location: Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri.

Details: This campus is haunted by the spirit of Mary Sibley, founder of the college.

Students have seen her image and heard piano music, which Mrs.

Sibley was so fond of.

Also, the campus theatre and library is said to be haunted.


The Haunted Central High School in Springfield, Missouri

A haunted location: Central High School in Springfield, Missouri.

Details: The first high school in Springfield was built in the late 1800s.

Old room 311 is supposedly haunted by sounds and a door that locks itself, but renovations of the school have renumbered the rooms and straightened out the hallway.

Many places in the basement have been said to be haunted as well as the fourth floor attic.

Again, renovations have made these places harder to find.


The Haunted Bothwell Hotel in Sedalia, Missouri

A haunted location: Bothwell Hotel in Sedalia, Missouri.

Details: I stayed there with a friend and heard knocking on our door multiple times…each time we checked and nothing was there.

Spoke with the staff and they said only one floor is haunted and that was the one we were staying on.

Other stories of doors slamming and knocking have been reported we are told.


The Haunted Rickey Road in Raytown, Missouri

A haunted location: Rickey Road in Raytown, Missouri.

Details: This road has constant twists and turns throughout it.

There are no street lights but woods on both sides lining the edge of the road.

It has a age-worn brick wall along the side that looks like a old, overgrown cemetery.

A valuable source has said they saw a cemetery on either side of the road the first time they had driven on it.


The Haunted Park University in Parkville, Missouri

A haunted location: Park University in Parkville, Missouri.

Details: During WWII a couple of young women hung themselves in Herr House, a dorm on campus.

The room is still being used, but the closet is blocked off.

Now, you can hear people walking in empty rooms and other weird things happening.


The Haunted All Star Pizza in Noel, Missouri

A haunted location: All Star Pizza in Noel, Missouri.

Details: strange things happen at dark the ovens make weird noises, the walk-in freezer door opens when no one is around, lights flicker on when its close up time, if you drive by at night and look in you can see a white blure that looks like a person standing.


The Haunted Blanche Skiff Ross Memorial Library in Nevada, Missouri

A haunted location: Blanche Skiff Ross Memorial Library in Nevada, Missouri.

Details: They say that the Cottey Library sits on top of an old civil war field hospital and then in the 1880’s a home was built for the Cottey Family.

Either way there is loads of activity in this library with books falling and carts rolling and music coming from the back stairs.

Various people have reported seeing an old man in a smoking jacket and cap in the balcony.

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