The Haunted Drury University in Springfield, Missouri

A haunted location: Drury University in Springfield, Missouri.

Details: Soccer Field – The soccer field off of Bennett street was built over sacred Native American ground.

There have been reports of a presence there.


The Haunted The Book House in St. Louis, Missouri

A haunted location: The Book House in St. Louis, Missouri.

Details: The old house is now used as a book house and a little girl known as Valerie lives there there’s a newspaper article and her favorite room is the poetry room though she stay in the basement a lot! It is said that she fell into the well years ago.


The Haunted “Joe’s Cave” in Richland, Missouri

A haunted location: “Joe’s Cave” in Richland, Missouri.

Details: In the early 1900’s a black man named Joe was accused of raping a young white girl.

He protested his innocence saying, “God would prove I didn’t do it”.

Legend has it that he survived the electric chair but a group of vigilantes took him to the cave where he was tarred and feathered and then hung with barbed wired in one of the larger back rooms of the cave.


The Haunted “Crybaby’s Bridge.” in Seanath, Missouri

A haunted location: “Crybaby’s Bridge.” in Seanath, Missouri.

Details: There is a bridge over the river over on a road there.

A long time ago, a farmer, his wife and his kid lived there.

The dad was gone to town, and the mother was doing laundry.

Her child had wandered out into the river.

The mother heard her child crying and she herself couldn’t swim, but she jumped in anyways.

They both drown.

Today, if you park on the bridge, you’ll get this terrifying feeling.

The chills, the shakes.

really cold.


The Haunted Houston Lake in Kansas City, Missouri

A haunted location: Houston Lake in Kansas City, Missouri.

Details: All around Houston Lake, especially the beach on by lake, at night you get these weird vibes like someone is watching you.


The Haunted Old Salem Church And Cemetery in Farmington, Missouri

A haunted location: Old Salem Church And Cemetery in Farmington, Missouri.

Details: It is reported that there used to be a furnace in the middle of the church and one of the servers slept in the church and the church had burned to the ground that night.

The boy’s body was never found but they put up a tombstone up for him in the cemetery across the bridge anyway.


The Haunted Sewer By Lee Hunter in Sikeston, Missouri

A haunted location: Sewer By Lee Hunter in Sikeston, Missouri.

Details: Some people say that if you go on the famous day of Halloween at midnight and shut off your car,..

and in a bit you can hear a baby crying.

This story is similar to the Hart Cemetery.


The Haunted Enocks Knob Road in New Haven, Missouri

A haunted location: Enocks Knob Road in New Haven, Missouri.

Details: A very creepy old bridge sits near the end of this road.

The lake below is haunted by the spirit of the little boy who fell off the bridge a long time ago.

It is said that late at night if you go on the bridge and look down you can see something swimming in the murky waters, some say he appears as a serpent.

There have also been many stories of a man committing suicide by diving off the bridge.