The Haunted Sportsman’s RV Park in Libby, Montana

A haunted location: Sportsman’s RV Park in Libby, Montana.

Details: During the spring of the year, when thunderstorms are rumbling overhead, and lightning flashes lighting up the dark midnight sky, a shadow of a figure looking down, wearing what looks like a hooded poncho that is blowing, and waving in the wind, can be seen drifting (floating with no feet) around the RV Park.


The Haunted Arlee High School in Arlee, Montana

A haunted location: Arlee High School in Arlee, Montana.

Details: Girls Locker Room – The Arlee High School has class pictures dating as far back as the 1920’s.

It is said that a girl during the early years of the High School committed suicide in the shower of the girls’ locker room.

Several eyewitnesses have heard screams when walking the halls at night, or the sidewalks outside.


The Haunted Rocky Boy Indian Reservation in Rocky Boy, Montana

A haunted location: Rocky Boy Indian Reservation in Rocky Boy, Montana.

Details: This place contains many occurrences that cannot be explained.

There have been numerous reports of ghost hauntings, UFO’s, and even Bigfoot.

But really strikes me is report of “little people.” They are often seen at night all over the reservation, but mainly around the Haystack area.


The Haunted Garnet Ghost Town in Garnet, Montana

A haunted location: Garnet Ghost Town in Garnet, Montana.

Details: There is a full ghost town up in the hills of Montana that was originally created as a mining town.

After a fire caught hold of the hotel there, many people started moving out.

The houses and buildings have been wonderfully preserved and the original hotel that caught fire still stands and with little damage.

Spirits can be felt all in this town and especially in the hotel on the second floor.


The Haunted Meade Hotel in Bannock, Montana

A haunted location: Meade Hotel in Bannock, Montana.

Details: The ghost of a woman is seen.

Also a baby crying can be heard in this empty ghost town even when there are no children around.


The Haunted Marsh Cemetery in Glendive, Montana

A haunted location: Marsh Cemetery in Glendive, Montana.

Details: Marsh Cemetery appears to be a turn of the century plot with some modern upkeep.

The size is small, with many plots being occupied by local families.

Several orbs have been sighted here.


The Haunted Crow Medicine Rock in Pryor Mountains, Montana

A haunted location: Crow Medicine Rock in Pryor Mountains, Montana.

Details: The Crow Indians believe that these mountains are sacred, because they are the home of a race of Little People, who protect the tribe.

The Little People are said to be great meat-lovers with sharp canine teeth.

Rumors of ferocious dwarfs tearing the hearts out of horses kept enemies off Crow lands, and the tribe still makes offerings to the Little People at Medicine Rock.