The Haunted North Intermediate High School in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

A haunted location: North Intermediate High School in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Details: The Theatre next to the school is haunted, when you are by yourself walking down the hallway outside the dressing rooms you can hear footsteps following you, when you turn around you can actually hear them run off and disapear! Also backstage their are random spots that are ice cold and 2 feet away it can be very warm.


The Haunted Mary Jane’s 1896 Bar & Grille – AKA – 1896 in McAlester, Oklahoma

A haunted location: Mary Jane’s 1896 Bar & Grille – AKA – 1896 in McAlester, Oklahoma.

Details: This place is called “The 1896” by the locals.

The building was built in 1896.

There is an apartment above the bar and restaurant that has a history of 1 suicide, 1 murder/suicide and 1 death by disease.

One or more of the spirits there has a fixation with dimes.

You put a dime somewhere and the next day it is on the bar.

One threw bottle caps at the bartender one night.

One night “the lady” threw pans off the shelves.


The Haunted 7th Grade Band Building in Owasso, Oklahoma

A haunted location: 7th Grade Band Building in Owasso, Oklahoma.

Details: Back many years ago a band director was directing and had a heart attack and died.

Its said if you go into the building at night you can here the song he was conducting.


The Haunted Mohawk Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma

A haunted location: Mohawk Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Details: Reports of the park being in habited by “little people, they are heard talking and moving around, never seen.

Also reported, the Dear Lady, said to be half woman and half dear that stands on it’s hind legs and is about 8 feet tall.


The Haunted Old Salina in Salina, Oklahoma

A haunted location: Old Salina in Salina, Oklahoma.

Details: the Old Salina court house – there is a holding cell still standing as well as the old court house itself with the old whipping tree and a square are of flowers where the hanging tree used to be.

Across a creek to your north is an old cemetery.


The Haunted Kulli Tukilo Methodist Church in Idabel, Oklahoma

A haunted location: Kulli Tukilo Methodist Church in Idabel, Oklahoma.

Details: This is a very old church, with a cemetery you have to pass to get to the church bell.

In the old days the preacher would ring the “faithful bell” before services, and anyone in earshot that was faithful, would come to service.

If you go down to Kulli, mostly at night, and ring the bell; you can hear doors open, people talking and some have heard singing from inside the church.


The Haunted Spook Light Road in Quawpaw, Oklahoma

A haunted location: Spook Light Road in Quawpaw, Oklahoma.

Details: Balls of light dance down the road and sometimes invade people’s cars.

The Indians also say the area is haunted by a woman killed sometime during the Civil War.

This area was visited quite a bit by Quantrill, who was not adverse to murdering Union Sympathizers.