The Haunted Laredo Childrens’ Museum in Laredo, Texas

A haunted location: Laredo Childrens’ Museum in Laredo, Texas.

Details: The childernes musem first floor used to be a morgue before a newer building was buit and the old one with was torn down.

Sometimes you can see shadows and there have been reports of voices and cold spots.


The Haunted Witch’s Grave in Katy, Texas

A haunted location: Witch’s Grave in Katy, Texas.

Details: There is a cemetery in old town Katy that is over 150 years old where a supposed witch is buried.

On top her tombstone is a giant solid granite/marble sphere weighing around 200 lbs.

If you read the inscription on the tomb stone and look away, when you look back the sphere would have fallen out of place.

Some reports say they have seen the sphere float and glow before it falls to the ground.


The Haunted Lancaster Country Club Lake in Hutchins, Texas

A haunted location: Lancaster Country Club Lake in Hutchins, Texas.

Details: People have reported that the purple mist has approached them while they were out on the lake at night.

The phantom approaches from the north side of the lake and disappears a few feet from boaters.


The Haunted La Carafe in Houston, Texas

A haunted location: La Carafe in Houston, Texas.

Details: La Carafe is located in a pre-Civil War building on Houston’s historical Market Square.

The second floor seems to be the seat of the haunting.

Employees have reported hearing footsteps and the sound of heavy objects being dragged across the unoccupied second floor.

The figure of a large black man has also been seen standing in the second floor window after closing time.


The Haunted Federal Court Building 515 Rusk in Houston, Texas

A haunted location: Federal Court Building 515 Rusk in Houston, Texas.

Details: The 10th floor believed to be haunted by the spirit of U.S.

District Judge Woodrow Seals, who died after surgery in October 1990.

The judge’s former chambers are said to always be colder than the rest of the floor and the smell of smoke from his cigars still lingers in the air late at night.

Janitors and security guards report being touched and hearing voices and doors rattling when no one else is around.


The Haunted Bellaire in Houston, Texas

A haunted location: Bellaire in Houston, Texas.

Details: Episcopal High School – People have claimed to hear her walk across the hallways and slam doors shut, sometimes even locking them.

Some of the school faculty does not stay after 10:00 so they will not run into her either.


The Haunted Blue Mound in Haslet, Texas

A haunted location: Blue Mound in Haslet, Texas.

Details: In the 1800’s as white settlers came to Texas, Indian tribes were being removed of their homelands.

Blue Mound Hill was an Indian lookout for the tribe.

The white settlers wanted to use the land for cattle and homes.

This tribe was slaughtered by white settlers.

Now every full moon around midnight you can see the ghosts of the Indians circling atop Blue Mound Hill, chanting and screaming for revenge.


The Haunted Driftwood Theatre 6 in Granbury, Texas

A haunted location: Driftwood Theatre 6 in Granbury, Texas.

Details: In theatre 6 you can hear children playing after close.

They run up and down laughing and talking.

Also their have been occasions to where people have seen a woman in a white dress walking through that theatre and through the projection booth and offices upstairs.

Employees get a creepy feeling going in that theatre because of this.

Also things get moved and doors open and close by themselves.

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