The Haunted Camberly Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, Texas

A haunted location: Camberly Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, Texas.

Details: The Camberly Gunter Hotel is haunted by the ghost of a prostitute who was murdered there by one of her tricks in the early 1960’s.

The room she was murdered in was found covered in blood but no body was ever found.

A picture of her hangs in the Lobby Bar.

The man who murdered her was said to have then checked in to the Menger Hotel in San Antonio three blocks away where he also disappeared without a trace.


The Haunted Randalls Food Store in Killeen, Texas

A haunted location: Randalls Food Store in Killeen, Texas.

Details: currently Hastings – It was felt by many managers that there was a ghost roaming the managers office and the store aisles.

This ghost would knock off magazines from the check stands onto the floor.

Also, it was seen that the ghost would make pyramids by food cans on the aisles.


The Haunted Bexar in San Antonio, Texas

A haunted location: Bexar in San Antonio, Texas.

Details: Spanish Main Apartments – Rittiman Rd.

– If your sitting at the bottom of the stairs you can see from the side of your Eyes a little boy at the top of the stairs.


The Haunted Alpine in Brewster, Texas

A haunted location: Alpine in Brewster, Texas.

Details: Sul Ross State University – The story is of a young woman who killed herself in the Fletcher resident hall.

To this day a girl can be seen walking around late at night in a skimpy nightgown.

Also, things end up missing even if the doors had been locked all day.

People report seeing strange apparitions at the foot of the bed.


The Haunted Leo Aguilar Memorial Stadium in Los Fresnos, Texas

A haunted location: Leo Aguilar Memorial Stadium in Los Fresnos, Texas.

Details: after the death of Leo Aguilar, who died of a accident while playing a football game after every football game on Fridays when everyone is gone and the lights are off you cud see a man in the football uniform running around and u could also hear the collision of the helmets and pads.


The Haunted Bexar in San Antonio, Texas

A haunted location: Bexar in San Antonio, Texas.

Details: Tro Bridge – you’ll see a long bridge that is above water and if you look down while your walking across you’ll feel people grabbing your legs.

no ever goes all the way cause they get to scared from the grabbing.


The Haunted Old Doedyns Elementary in San Juan, Texas

A haunted location: Old Doedyns Elementary in San Juan, Texas.

Details: Back when the school was open, everyone would say that a little girl once went in the restroom right outside the cafeteria and came out with scratches all over her wrist.

she was bleeding from all over her arm.

SHe said she never felt anything, so nobody knows what really happened.


The Haunted Sealy Jr. High Gym in Sealy, Texas

A haunted location: Sealy Jr. High Gym in Sealy, Texas.

Details: There were twin cheerleaders.

The head cheerleader broke up with one of the football players.

The guy hung himself in one of the upstairs room.

The sisters got into a big fight because of it.(in the same room.) One pushed the other one down the stairs (Head-cheerleader down the stairs.) Half killing her.

So she picked her up brought her back up to the top of the stairs, dragging her by her feet so her head would drag killing her.


The Haunted Witch’s Grave in Katy, Texas

A haunted location: Witch’s Grave in Katy, Texas.

Details: There is a cemetery in old town Katy that is over 150 years old where a supposed witch is buried.

On top her tombstone is a giant solid granite/marble sphere weighing around 200 lbs.

If you read the inscription on the tomb stone and look away, when you look back the sphere would have fallen out of place.

Some reports say they have seen the sphere float and glow before it falls to the ground.


The Haunted Anson Lights in Anson, Texas

A haunted location: Anson Lights in Anson, Texas.

Details: The story was covered by the television series Unsolved Mysteries about a year ago.

Many residents from Anson and the near town of Abilene have gone to witness these phenomenal lights.

The cemetery is located going towards the country.

The lights are viewed by driving down the dirt farm road equivalent of about a half mile or more.

As you drive closer to the cemetery towards the lights they disappear.