The Haunted ER Rogers’s Restaurant in Steilacoom, Washington

A haunted location: ER Rogers’s Restaurant in Steilacoom, Washington.

Details: there is a lot of history behind this mansion.

Many employees have reported abnormal occurrences with in the building.

One of the owner’s wives killed herself in the mansion and still haunts it, but it has been reported that multiple ghost or entities reside there.

At one time it was a B&B during the depression.


The Haunted ICT Group in Spokane, Washington

A haunted location: ICT Group in Spokane, Washington.

Details: This building used to be a department store.

No matter how much work they do on the elevator, it always breaks.

Opens and closes and goes up and down without anyone there also.

The women’s bathroom also has a strange presence.

It’s a little intimidating.

The elevator also opens when you walk up to it.

Almost like motion detecting.


The Haunted Old Roy High School Gym in Roy, Washington

A haunted location: Old Roy High School Gym in Roy, Washington.

Details: There was originally a high school in the town of Roy, Where the elementary school now stands.

All that remains of this is the Gym, the rest having burned to ground in the 50’s.

In the Old Gym, there are many cold spots and an altogether spooky feeling.


The Haunted The Oxford Saloon in Snohomish, Washington

A haunted location: The Oxford Saloon in Snohomish, Washington.

Details: “This old saloon contains around 18 ghosts upstairs and down.

Workers have in the past had quite frightening experiences with spirits of the old saloon girls who operated a brothel upstairs.

A police officer that was stabbed and killed their remains, and a young teenager who was killed in the street by a car as well.

There are too many to list, but ask someone behind the bar, and they will provide you with a detailed list compiled by psychics.


The Haunted U.W. Labs Dinning Hall in Friday Harbor, Washington

A haunted location: U.W. Labs Dinning Hall in Friday Harbor, Washington.

Details: This place was an old naval station a long time ago.

Strange things happen off and on.

Windows and doors open by themselves, apparitions can be seen out of the corners of you eye.

It is rumored that an Indian is buried on the property.


The Haunted Capitol Theatre in Yakima, Washington

A haunted location: Capitol Theatre in Yakima, Washington.

Details: Well there has been many reports of people seeing and hearing things in the theatre.

A lot of the time things happen at night during clean-up after a show.

It has been said that there is only one that they know of and he loves the theatre.

He doesn’t bother or hurt anyone but loves to give people a little spook.


The Haunted Rite Aid in Seattle, Washington

A haunted location: Rite Aid in Seattle, Washington.

Details: West Seattle – Rite Aid used to be a mining place in west Seattle and it is rumored it has a spirit that will turn off lights, set off alarms, and even call employees and hang up.