Phantom Lights Of Fort Hill In Frankfort, Kentucky

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DISCLAIMER: This post was submitted by a user in our community. If you believe this post should be removed, please add a comment below. Thank you.

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Kindly submitted by :Julie Lewis


Not too far from Liberty Hall in Frankfort, KY, Fort Hill looms over downtown Frankfort. There are many paths/trails crisscrossing Fort Hill that are still used by pedestrians as shortcuts to and from nearby neighborhoods and Holiday Inn (and what used to be the Civic Center). Though it’s unclear if Frankfort is going to permanently revive the tradition of having an Expo in the area around the Old Capital and the old Civic Center-when I was a kid in Frankfort, it was a yearly event. It was at the Expo-when ghosts and the paranormal were the last things on my mind-when I first noticed what I have always thought of as lamplights flashing all over Fort Hill. I was standing next to the Old Capital and looked up, across the plaza and the road while I was talking with some friends, when I started noticing lights-just like lanterns being carried through the woods-moving and flashing on and off all over Fort Hill. I stood there for a moment with an obviously puzzled expression on my face, watching. One of my friends noticed and asked me what I was looking at, and I replied, “am I crazy-or, do you see them, too?” She asked me what I was talking about, ajf I pointed at the hill and said “lamplights. They’re moving all through the trees and flashing on and off like someone was opening and closing their lamp.” At this point, I hadn’t even realized that the hill over that part of downtown is Fort Hill-a place I had been hearing about from my friends who lived downtown for years. Until then, I had never heard of anyone seeing the lamplights. The stories I had always heard were about a beast that would chase teenagers, young adults, and other people looking for a place to party down the hill once they were near the top. People described something that was a mix between a large dog and a man that’s hairless: it runs on all fours and has elongated limbs. I have only ever walked along the base of Fort Hill, on a path that goes from the Holiday Inn to the neighborhood that lies below Fprt Hill on the north/northeastern side, where The Mouse Trap (a biker bar that closed down years ago) used to be. I didn’t see anything-but, I felt eyes watching me with less than benign intentions. All I have ever seen-and I have seen them every time I have been in that part of downtown Frankfort at night-are the lamplights of Fort Hill, forecer flashing on and off. I always wonder if they are flashing some kind of code to communicate with allies near the Old Capital building. I recently watched a documentary/paranormal investigation on the house from The Conjuring, and the investigators witnessed similar lights flashing in the woods around that house, and it reminded me of the lamplights on Fort Hill. It’s inspired me to report this phenomenon everywhere I can and, hopefully, inspire an investigation of the area. For what it’s worth, I went to Liberty Hall at all hours of the day and night for years in high school and college, and I only saw anything once, at about 3am. But, Fort Hill offers activity every time the sun goes down.

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