The Haunted Pleasant Hill in Polk, Iowa

A haunted location: Pleasant Hill in Polk, Iowa.

Details: El Azteca Restaurant – When this restaurant was called Clay’s, one evening while dining a butter knife forged it’s way up between two tables that were pushed together (teeth side up) and fell suddenly on the floor.


The Haunted Villisca Axe Murder House in Villisca, Iowa

A haunted location: Villisca Axe Murder House in Villisca, Iowa.

Details: Believed to be haunted by the family that was murdered there.

Doors slam, and ghost talk and lots of other things.


The Haunted Plum Creek Pits in Algona, Iowa

A haunted location: Plum Creek Pits in Algona, Iowa.

Details: Back in the far corner there has been a little boy said to be playing near the waters edge legend has it that the little boy was running back to the river on the other side of the pits when he tripped on a stone and was stabbed by a stick he had fallen on.


The Haunted The Fellands Old Property in Eldora/Ackley, Iowa

A haunted location: The Fellands Old Property in Eldora/Ackley, Iowa.

Details: a stone garden is found there (one rock is found from the old Roman aqueducts) a spirit found from the norms house is alive there (under large center rock, never point him/her in the direction of the norms house.

The second floor east room is a cross roads.

The straight point in front lawn (most east north) has been used for magic rituals.


The Haunted Springville Cemetery in Springville, Iowa

A haunted location: Springville Cemetery in Springville, Iowa.

Details: There is a grave where in the way back that is not in the cemetery and in the trees and it was said to be moved back there from a ghost, because everything was moved even the body and there were no marks of some one who dug in the ground, or grass took off ground.

If you go there in the night you can see the guy digging a hole with a glowing green shovel.


The Haunted St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa

A haunted location: St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa.

Details: Ambrose Hall – When there are only a few professors left in the building late at night, they have heard strange noises.

They have heard foot steps and seen lights flickering on and off.

It’s said that it is an old priest that died many, many years ago.


The Haunted Old Hershey Street Hospital in Muscatine, Iowa

A haunted location: Old Hershey Street Hospital in Muscatine, Iowa.

Details: Some times you will be walking past the old hospital and the curtains will flutter or you might catch a glimpse of movement through the balcony.

It was present during the civil war times and the owner says that sometimes he hears a stumble or a person limping at night.


The Haunted Ghosts Of The Rock Stars in Mason City, Iowa

A haunted location: Ghosts Of The Rock Stars in Mason City, Iowa.

Details: Some people occasionaly spot a plane crashing, and some say it was from the 1959 tragedy, when The Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens, and Buddy Holly died in the plane crash.

Their spirits are rarely spotted, but 3 orbs were caught on tape once, and it was in the same spot where the 3 rock stars died.


The Haunted Oak Hill in Estherville, Iowa

A haunted location: Oak Hill in Estherville, Iowa.

Details: its a cemetery and there is this hill that is haunted.

The story is that a car full of football players were going to their game and their car stalled on this very hill.

So they all got out and started to push the car up this hill then a car came around this bend and didn?t see the football players and hit them.

All of the players died.


The Haunted Floyd River in Alton, Iowa

A haunted location: Floyd River in Alton, Iowa.

Details: It is said that three teenagers hung themselves in an old broken down house just off the Floyd River.

You can still see three ropes hanging from the rafters of the house.

There is a path elading to the house with a No Trespassing sign on it and when you cross it the haunting starts.

Legend has it, the haunting never stops.