The Haunted Cedar “Spirit” Mountain in Cody, Wyoming

A haunted location: Cedar “Spirit” Mountain in Cody, Wyoming.

Details: Cedar Mountain use to be called Spirit Mountain because people have been lost and never found in the caves that honeycomb this mountain and the surrounding area.

The caves were closed to public access except that one can register with the forest service an explore these caves.

Even the canyon that runs along side the mountain is considered haunted.

People have heard footsteps behind them but when they turn around, no one is there.


The Haunted Silvercliff Motel in Lusk, Wyoming

A haunted location: Silvercliff Motel in Lusk, Wyoming.

Details: Eerie feelings at this 19th century motel.  The place is abandoned, but you can feel someone’s presence when you enter it.


The Haunted Battle Lake/Slaughterhouse Gulch in Encampment, Wyoming

A haunted location: Battle Lake/Slaughterhouse Gulch in Encampment, Wyoming.

Details: There is an area between Encampment and the old mining ghost town of Battle known as Slaughterhouse Gulch.

An explosion in a mine near the area killed a miner.

There wasn’t enough of him left to bury properly.

So it was said he walked and roamed through Slaughterhouse Gulch.

Dorothy Peryam and her first husband, Horace Quivey, her brother John and his wife, Eda, were camped in the area in 1918.


The Haunted Plains Hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming

A haunted location: Plains Hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Details: several ghosts are seen regularly including one that was murdered by being pushed out of a fourth floor window.

Reports of feelings of dread, being watched, doors opening and closing, & even reports of being choked or strangled with the bed sheets.


The Haunted Natrona County High School in Casper, Wyoming

A haunted location: Natrona County High School in Casper, Wyoming.

Details: A junior who attended NCHS in the 1940’s rumored to haunt NCHS auditorium.

There are many stories of her death-most popular is she was auditioning for a play one night and forgot her bag on stage so she crawled thru a window to get it…not knowing how high it was she fell and broke her back and died.

There have been many many experiences.

The most eerie is a certain chair in the front row center, which is always down.