The Haunted Splitrock Coffee & Bagels in Riverton, Wyoming

A haunted location: Splitrock Coffee & Bagels in Riverton, Wyoming.

Details: The customer bell rings when there is no one there.

Heavy footsteps and doors closing heard.

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Do You Know The Haunted History Of The Splitrock Coffee & Bagels?

It has been rumoured that the Splitrock Coffee & Bagels in Riverton, Wyoming is a haunted location. We’ll explain why people think this below. Do you think the rumors are true?

Splitrock Coffee & Bagels Information
Location Name Splitrock Coffee & Bagels
State Wyoming
City Riverton
Country United States

Why Is The Splitrock Coffee & Bagels Haunted?

The customer bell rings when there is no one there.

Heavy footsteps and doors closing heard.

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What do you think about the haunted history of Splitrock Coffee & Bagels in Riverton, Wyoming?

Do you believe it’s true?

We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

DISCLAIMER: We don’t advocate that anyone goes here, this post is for informational purposes only.


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