The Haunted Pittsfield in Lenax, Massachusetts

A haunted location: Pittsfield in Lenax, Massachusetts.

Details: High Point was built in 1910.

Reports of hearing voices, lights turning on and off in the bathroom, see apparitions of people looking out the windows, feelings of being touched, and cold spots.

– September 2005 Warning / Update: the Old High Point mansion has been converted into a Residential Treatment Facility for teenage boys.

The facility is now owned by Hillcrest Educational Centers.


The Haunted Sportsman’s RV Park in Libby, Montana

A haunted location: Sportsman’s RV Park in Libby, Montana.

Details: During the spring of the year, when thunderstorms are rumbling overhead, and lightning flashes lighting up the dark midnight sky, a shadow of a figure looking down, wearing what looks like a hooded poncho that is blowing, and waving in the wind, can be seen drifting (floating with no feet) around the RV Park.


The Haunted Kent Robertson Park in Huntsville, Alabama

A haunted location: Kent Robertson Park in Huntsville, Alabama.

Details: A young boy died there one summer day.

They named the park after him and made a memory stone.

He still is heard in the park at night and the hunt club -woods behind it.


The Haunted The Nip in Bridgewater, Massachusetts

A haunted location: The Nip in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Details: Stories say an old man was fishing and his boat drowned.

If you go to the nip on some nights and down that street, you will see the man fishing in his boat.


The Haunted Brooks Bridge in Shoals, Indiana

A haunted location: Brooks Bridge in Shoals, Indiana.

Details: there was a girl about 17 who threw herself off the bridge.

A couple day’s later they found her dead body.

Often on the 5th of every month you can here her screams as she throws herself off the bridge.

Then a splash then silence.

Many say that if u go down to the bridge after you hear the screams and u catch her before she jumps than she will chase you and yell at you for distracting her.

New Jersey

The Haunted The Colby Mansion in Byram Twp., New Jersey

A haunted location: The Colby Mansion in Byram Twp., New Jersey.

Details: This is an old boarded up house on Tamarack Road in Byram.

The house was built for a wealthy railroad millionaire in the late 1800s.The man shot his wife and cut off her head and put it on the fireplace mantle.

He was then killed and both of their bodies are buried in the estates’ graveyard.

Someone recently bought the property and built a new house somewhere on the land.


The Haunted Ursuline Academy in Springfield, Illinois

A haunted location: Ursuline Academy in Springfield, Illinois.

Details: 5th Street Building – A nun died in the building and there have been sightings of door knobs turning and cold chills, and a sense of being followed and even touched by someone and them not being there.


The Haunted The Book House in St. Louis, Missouri

A haunted location: The Book House in St. Louis, Missouri.

Details: The old house is now used as a book house and a little girl known as Valerie lives there there’s a newspaper article and her favorite room is the poetry room though she stay in the basement a lot! It is said that she fell into the well years ago.