The Haunted Hanging Tree in Liverpool, Pennsylvania

A haunted location: Hanging Tree in Liverpool, Pennsylvania.

Details: There is a rumor that in the 1800s a man was hung at this tree, he proclaimed that he was innocent and nobody believed him, so they hung him and to this day people say that if you go to the tree at midnight that you can hear peoples laughing, crying ,and you can hear the man yelling.

South Carolina

The Haunted South Carolina School For The Deaf And Blind in Spartanburg, South Carolina

A haunted location: South Carolina School For The Deaf And Blind in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Details: Haunted by the ghost of Martha Walker.

Walker was the tough, stoic woman who took over running the school for a few years during the Civil War.

Her ghost is said to still roam the halls of the school’s historic main building checking rooms to make sure the students are o.k.

Students, Faculty, Alumni and even the schools current female President all say they have experienced Martha’s presence.


The Haunted The Montrose House in Montrose, Pennsylvania

A haunted location: The Montrose House in Montrose, Pennsylvania.

Details: The site of the Inn has a long history.

The original Inn was used as the first jail, as a funeral home before there was a funeral home in town and as a school room.

The original building burned to the ground in the mid 1920’s.

When the new building was about 90 percent completed it burned to the ground again.

The building that stands on the site now, was completed around 1926.


The Haunted Treasure Island Casino in Minneapolis, Minnesota

A haunted location: Treasure Island Casino in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Details: The casino is located about 1 hour from the Minneapolis area near the Wisconsin / Minnesota border.

Returning home from the casino (on Hwy 18 along the Mississippi river) alone after midnight, a witness reports he stopped his car on the shoulder of the highway to take a little nap as it was late and he was tired.

Shortly after he closed his eyes, he heard the soft muted sound of footsteps walking towards his car.


The Haunted Pendora Park in Reading, Pennsylvania

A haunted location: Pendora Park in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Details: In the past 30 years, 4 people have jumped or fallen off of the Viaduct, the bride over Pendora.

There have been reports of screaming and crying, and visions of people falling/jumping.


The Haunted Melody Inn in Fullerton, California

A haunted location: Melody Inn in Fullerton, California.

Details: On the southeast corner of Harbor and Commonwealth where the old Melody Inn was destroyed by fire in the 80’s an image of the former owner’s father appears with a box of matches.

The ghost of Mr.

Melody has actually been known to provide a light of a smoke to customers outside the new businesses and then smiles and vanishes.


The Haunted Super 8 Motel in Macomb, Illinois

A haunted location: Super 8 Motel in Macomb, Illinois.

Details: If you spend the night at the haunted motel, you will find lights turning on and off, the heat turning off by itself, and the door to your room will open up by itself, and if thats not bad enough…

if you open your blinds, not even 20 feet away from your room window very creepy grave yard.

– March 2008 Additional Information: A former 2nd shift front desk clerk from March 1992 – August 1993 experienced several things.


The Haunted Drury University in Springfield, Missouri

A haunted location: Drury University in Springfield, Missouri.

Details: Soccer Field – The soccer field off of Bennett street was built over sacred Native American ground.

There have been reports of a presence there.