The Haunted West Middlesex in Mercer, Pennsylvania

A haunted location: West Middlesex in Mercer, Pennsylvania.

Details: Hogback Road – Road is one of those roads that has winter snow removal on half, and none on the other.

The latter is a winding stretch of half gravel half pavement that’s no fun to drive on no matter what time of year.

Down in a gully on this “bad” stretch, there is an old wooden bridge that crosses Hogback Run.

It has been said that, years ago, a group of Satan worshippers sacrificed a young woman.


The Haunted Bridgewater State College in Bridgewater, Massachusetts

A haunted location: Bridgewater State College in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Details: Campus Centre Auditorium – A ghost named ‘George’ haunts the auditorium attached to the campus center.

Not a malignant spirit yet will play with the stage lights and any instruments in the orchestra pit, as well as playing with lights in any back hallways in the area of the stage.


The Haunted Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois

A haunted location: Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois.

Details: Recruit training command AKA boot camp for the navy is haunted my many spirits.

In ship 12 you can hear a woman’s scream loudly and fade within seconds.

In ship 13, you sometimes will see a figure of a recruit who hung himself.

In ship 15, which was once reported as a mental loony bin that caught on fire killing many people.

Throughout the night, you will see figures and shadows walking around.


The Haunted Entire Valley in Hemet/San Jacinto, California

A haunted location: Entire Valley in Hemet/San Jacinto, California.

Details: In the late 1800s the San Jacinto Valley (Hemet & San Jacinto) was the home of Ramona and Alessandro (Helen Hunt Jackson).

When Alessandro was shot and killed Ramona cursed the valley saying that no one born here would ever be able to leave.

There were only three routes out of the valley back then.

A fourth was added in later years.


The Haunted Disney World in Orlando, Florida

A haunted location: Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Details: Pirates of the Caribbean – The spirit of “George” a worker who died there when a beam fell on him during construction still haunts the attraction.

At the beginning of the day and at the end of the day attractions workers must come on the PA system and tell George good morning and good night.

If not the attraction has been know to shut itself down adding more work before the workers came go home for the night.


The Haunted Bexar in San Antonio, Texas

A haunted location: Bexar in San Antonio, Texas.

Details: Spanish Main Apartments – Rittiman Rd.

– If your sitting at the bottom of the stairs you can see from the side of your Eyes a little boy at the top of the stairs.

New York

The Haunted Christ Episcopal Church in Poughkeepsie, New York

A haunted location: Christ Episcopal Church in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Details: The ghost of former Rector, Dr.

Alexander Griswold Cummings has been reported here many times since his death in the late 1940s or early 50s.

While he was still living, he did not like using candles, so candles used during services were repeatedly blown out.

At one point, a bat materialized in the church, then disappeared.


The Haunted Train Bridge Over The Kiowa Creek in Bennett, Colorado

A haunted location: Train Bridge Over The Kiowa Creek in Bennett, Colorado.

Details: Many years ago a massive train accident happened around the bridge, crossing over the Kiowa creek.

Many of the passengers passed away on board.

To this day it’s said on some nights you will be able to see or hear a ghost train passing by.

West Virginia

The Haunted 1915 Abandoned Mine in Logan County, West Virginia

A haunted location: 1915 Abandoned Mine in Logan County, West Virginia.

Details: A Once Profitable Mine located on a Mountainside in a small community known as Ethel.

Eerie presences are known to be seen near the Mine opening.

Footsteps could clearly be heard echoing from deep within the cavern.

A small light waving from within it’s depths slowly passing back and forth.


The Haunted Bottenfield Middle School in Adamsville, Alabama

A haunted location: Bottenfield Middle School in Adamsville, Alabama.

Details: The ghost of a young man has been seen by several in the band and choir wing of the school.

He appears at any hour and then vanishes just as quickly.