The Haunted Oak Creek in Caledona, Wisconsin

A haunted location: Oak Creek in Caledona, Wisconsin.

Details: Bridge on Boarder – In the 1970’s when the bridge was being built and littl boy was walking through the woods and drowned in the creek below.

It is said that late at night you can still see the little boy walking into the woods.

He is not there to hurt anyone or cause trouble he is simply rewalking his final steps before his most tragic death.


The Haunted Pleasant Hill in Polk, Iowa

A haunted location: Pleasant Hill in Polk, Iowa.

Details: El Azteca Restaurant – When this restaurant was called Clay’s, one evening while dining a butter knife forged it’s way up between two tables that were pushed together (teeth side up) and fell suddenly on the floor.


The Haunted Villisca Axe Murder House in Villisca, Iowa

A haunted location: Villisca Axe Murder House in Villisca, Iowa.

Details: Believed to be haunted by the family that was murdered there.

Doors slam, and ghost talk and lots of other things.


The Haunted Death Valley in Cave City, Kentucky

A haunted location: Death Valley in Cave City, Kentucky.

Details: This is a strait stretch of I-65 that runs between Cave City and Glasgow.

It isn’t lined with trees or anything.

Several fatal car accidents have happened here.

It is said that this piece of I-65 was build over an Indian burial ground, and it is thought that this is what is causing the wrecks.


The Haunted “Crybaby’s Bridge.” in Seanath, Missouri

A haunted location: “Crybaby’s Bridge.” in Seanath, Missouri.

Details: There is a bridge over the river over on a road there.

A long time ago, a farmer, his wife and his kid lived there.

The dad was gone to town, and the mother was doing laundry.

Her child had wandered out into the river.

The mother heard her child crying and she herself couldn’t swim, but she jumped in anyways.

They both drown.

Today, if you park on the bridge, you’ll get this terrifying feeling.

The chills, the shakes.

really cold.


The Haunted ICT Group in Spokane, Washington

A haunted location: ICT Group in Spokane, Washington.

Details: This building used to be a department store.

No matter how much work they do on the elevator, it always breaks.

Opens and closes and goes up and down without anyone there also.

The women’s bathroom also has a strange presence.

It’s a little intimidating.

The elevator also opens when you walk up to it.

Almost like motion detecting.


The Haunted Warren Woods Tower in Warren, Michigan

A haunted location: Warren Woods Tower in Warren, Michigan.

Details: The rock in front of the school is said to have been brought to the school from a graveyard it is said that orbs are flown off of the rock when pictures are taken by it.

It is said if you put your ear up to the rock at night you can hear weird noises.


The Haunted Old Roy High School Gym in Roy, Washington

A haunted location: Old Roy High School Gym in Roy, Washington.

Details: There was originally a high school in the town of Roy, Where the elementary school now stands.

All that remains of this is the Gym, the rest having burned to ground in the 50’s.

In the Old Gym, there are many cold spots and an altogether spooky feeling.


The Haunted Corinth Church in Ponce de Leon, Florida

A haunted location: Corinth Church in Ponce de Leon, Florida.

Details: This church is believed to be haunted.

The story behind the church is that back in the late 60s early 70s and young boy was playing in the church at the time, an escaped convicted was hiding in the back pew, and brutally murdered the little boy.

In the church can be found blood handprints all over the walls and ceiling, small enough to belong to a young child.